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Michael Sheen on art, fear and Amadeus

Michael Sheen in the Sydney Opera House.
Photograph: Daniel Boud

Michael Sheen was interviewed in the Guardian about his play Amadeus at the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

He talks about bringing his family to Australia, originally playing the role of Mozart in the play 23 years ago, and the demands of playing Salieri.

“I actually don’t think it’s about age, so much. We all start off with a sense of an ideal and what we would like to achieve and strive for. It’s about balancing your career and your life responsibilities, but staying true to your original impetus. Are you satisfying yourself creatively? Are you challenging yourself? Are you developing and getting better? I think anyone creative worth their salt is asking themselves that every day.

When you work on this play, you explore those insecurities and fears, and I have them just like anyone else does. In any part you explore, you look for the bits you connect with and then you amplify them and splash about with them a bit, and that’s what brings the piece to life. It’s not comfortable, but I quite enjoy that. In the end, if you don’t want to explore those things, you shouldn’t play Salieri.”

Michael Sheen

Michael Sheen on art, fear and Amadeus: ‘David Suchet was in really good shape. I … am not!’ – The Guardian (25/12/2022)