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Michael Sheen in The Saturday Paper

Michael Sheen was interviewed for The Saturday Paper about his upcoming appearance in the play Amadeus.

This interview profiles Michael’s career (and gets the date that he went to RADA wrong). He talks about seeing a performance of The Crucible as a student, and the effect it had on him, about still being familiar with Amadeus after 23 years, how he has got to grips with the character of Salieri, feeling like he was different when he first started at drama school, the Raymond Williams lecture and returning his OBE, how hairy he was in Staged, and his speech to the Wales football team.

“The one thing he craves is an audience, which is what the play is. The play is him summoning up an audience, ghosts of the future to tell his story to, and he says this is my last performance. There’s a sense of theatricality about that. I started to think about Sunset Boulevard and Norma Desmond, someone who is going, All right Mr DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.”

Michael Sheen

Actor Michael Sheen – The Saturday Paper (16/12/2022)

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