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Amadeus in The Sydney Morning Herald

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Michael Sheen in a dark blue jacket and grey t-shirt, standing next to seating in a theatre at the Sydney Opera House.

Michael Sheen will be playing Salieri in a new production of the Peter Shaffer play Amadeus, opening in December at the Sydney Opera House, Australia. The Sydney Morning Herald has an interview with Michael about coming to Australia and what this role means to him.

“Coming to this part now, at the age I am, it’s a different prospect. When I played Mozart, I was a young actor, full of excitement and desire and energy, with everything to prove: ‘Here I am, I’m gonna show you what I can do.’ And now, well, I’ve had success,” Sheen says. “But I think as any kind of artist, if you have any worth, you’re constantly questioning whether the work you’re doing is as meaningful as it can be. Is it satisfying to you? Are you fulfilling the potential of the younger actor that you were? Would that younger actor be proud of what you’re doing now, or would they feel let down and disappointed? All those questions are there in the role of Salieri.”


‘It’s exciting’: Michael Sheen on Sydney, success and the best show on TV – Sydney Morning Herald (18-11-2022)