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Clip from The Sandman (TV)

Dream of a Thousand Cats/Calliope is episode 11 of series 1 of The Sandman, which is the Netflix adaptation of the Neil Gaiman DC comics series. The episode was released as a surprise bonus two-part story after the first 10 episodes were released on Netflix. The first part is animated, with the second part live-action.

Fans first found out about the unexpected extra episode when clips were accidentally shown on a YouTube review channel, which despite being removed pretty quickly, set the fandom on fire as people recognised the voices of some of the characters. The bonus episode came out on 19 August 2022.

In Dream of a Thousand Cats, Michael Sheen and Anna Lundberg voice the characters Marion and Paul, with David Tennant and Georgia Tennant as Don and Laura Lynn.

We did have a clip from the episode featuring the voices of Michael and Anna, but it got taken down. So we’ve replaced it with the trailer: