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The ‘scary’ new role bringing Michael Sheen to Australia

A photograph of Michael Sheen with big curly hair and a beard, looking serious.

In July 2022 it was announced that Michael Sheen would be playing Salieri in a new production of the Peter Shaffer play Amadeus, opening in December at the Sydney Opera House, Australia. Michael previously played the role of Mozart in a 1998-9 production of the play.

This article in the Sydney Morning Herald announces the play and also features an interesting interview with Michael.

“Salieri is someone who, in the eyes of the establishment, has been a success. But who knows, underneath, that he’s not. It’s all about the insecurities that any artist, or maybe any human, has. And, as an older actor coming to it, you have to really confront that within yourself: all the disappointments and frustrations and sadness and grief under the surface.”

Michael Sheen

The Sydney Morning Herald – The ‘scary’ new role bringing Michael Sheen to Australia (11-07-2022)