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Michael Sheen on The Twilight Effect Podcast

Michael Sheen, Ashley Greene and Melanie Howe in a still from the video.

Michael Sheen appeared on The Twilight Effect Podcast with Ashley Greene (who played Alice) and Melanie Howe.

They discuss the current Twilight resurgence, how Michael became involved in the franchise, the function of fantasy and science fiction, how his daughter Lily felt about him being in the films, Aro’s laugh, how Michael prepared to play him, drama therapy, experiences during filming, Ashley introducing Michael to YouTube, animal studies at drama school, whether he’d want Aro’s powers, the contact lenses, Mackenzie Foy being obsessed with giraffes, having a life cast done of his head, and getting annoyed at snobby interviewers. It ends with quickfire questions then a quiz.

The behind the scenes footage that Michael mentions (patty cakes!)

NOTE: this video has been taken down as of January 2023, we will update if they reupload it at some point.