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The Twelve Days of Sheenmas

A collage of images from videos Michael Sheen did for The Twelve Days of Sheenmas and Christmas in general.

In 2019, a new Sheendom tradition was born when @master_crowley wrote the lyrics to a Michael Sheen-themed version of The Twelve Days of Christmas, and Michael responded with some video tweets, singing about mint choc-chip icecream, onion peels and sheep.

The following year, he took part again and sang a newly-penned version for 2020 with references to Nutella, orange (red) hoodies and zoom calls.

The tweets below are all in date order, with the newest first, and include other Christmassy fandom things that happened.

Michael didn’t do it in 2021 but he was very busy filming Good Omens 2. But it was a pretty funny one nonetheless:

Christmas 2020

A fandom Christmas video for Michael:

Bonus Christmas related tweet:

Christmas 2019