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Last Train to Christmas publicity roundup

This post lists all of the interviews Michael Sheen has done for Last Train to Christmas that we haven’t made an individual post for yet. They will all eventually have their own post but this is so people can find them until then!

Carol Vorderman show on BBC Wales (18-12-2021)

Starts around 1:47


Radio Times (18-12-2021)

BBC Radio Sussex/Surrey (17-12-2021) 

Starts around 01:38


BBC Radio Scotland: The Afternoon Show (17-12-2021)

Starts around 01:12


Belfast Telegraph – Michael Sheen on spending eight hours in hair and make-up for new festive film (17-12-2021)

BBC News – Last Train to Christmas: Michael Sheen on his time-shifting festive film (17-12-2021)

Michael Sheen interview on the Dominic King Show on BBC Radio Kent  (16-12-2021)
Including a shout out for the Sheendex!


Sheendex shoutout!

The Hard Shoulder Highlights – Michael Sheen on Welsh independence and ‘Last Train To Christmas’ (16-12-2021)

Plot Twist podcast (16-12-2021)

Elevenses with Danielle Perry (podcast) (14-12-2021)

Yahoo Movies – Michael Sheen spent eight hours in make-up for one ‘Last Train to Christmas’ look (exclusive) (14-12-2021)

Sky Backstage podcast Last Train review and brief interview (10-12-2021)

Telegraph Last Train interview (04-12-2021)