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Bah Humbug: A Christmas Movie Podcast

A humbug sweet on a green background with the text: Bah Humbug, a Christmas Movie Podcast, with Helen O'Hara.

Michael Sheen was interviewed on the Bah Humbug podcast by Helen O’Hara.

This is an interesting and funny interview that covers a lot of fascinating topics, including:

Michael always wanting to do a Christmas film, how the film was written for him by his friend, writer and director Julian Kemp, and how the film isn’t quite what you’d expect it to be.

The apparent randomness of life, the patterns we find in it, and how Christmas and Christmas films make you think about the past and future in the same moving and melancholic way that time travel films can.

His favourite looks in the film, including the shorts.

The credits teaser and possibilities for another film. Very possibly a bit spoilery here.

Interesting information about the song Eagles of Love, and how Michael wanted it to be a Christmas single.

His favourite Christmas films, and Christmas traditions including a lovely evocative story from his childhood.