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Michael Sheen in the Independent

Photo by Andy Gotts

An interview with Michael Sheen in the Independent, mainly to discuss Last Train to Christmas. Topics covered include Boris Johnson, Michael selling his houses to fund The Homeless World Cup, returning his OBE, why he doesn’t play romantic leads, being a non-profit actor, and what he thinks of cancel culture.

“He’s the absolute worst of what politics can be,” says the 52-year-old, his voice rich and lilting. “A man who doesn’t seem to care or believe in anything other than his own advancement, and, as a result of immense privilege, has been able to get to the most powerful position in the country and then doesn’t use it to make people’s lives better. Everything is a game to him.”

Michael Sheen On boris Johnson

The Independent – Michael Sheen: ‘Boris Johnson is the absolute worst of what politics can be’ (18-12-2021)

“[Talking about it] is just a waste of time,” he responds. “That’s all you read about now. For every column that’s about cancel culture, there’s one fewer for real dangers and unfairnesses. The idea that being aware of social issues and aware of the injustices done to certain people, both historically and in the present, the idea that that gets labelled as woke and then is used as a pejorative, it just makes it so easy for people on the right, doesn’t it?” He gathers his thoughts. “It’s like microwave dinners as politics.”

Michael Sheen on cancel culture