Michael Sheen’s speech about David Tennant

The Bafta Scotland awards ceremony took place in Glasgow on 20th November 2021, with David Tennant nominated in the Audience Award category for Des. Unfortunately and inexplicably, he didn’t win.

A short video was shown for each nominee with kind words from their co-workers. Michael Sheen gave this wonderful speech about how much he admires David and enjoys working with him.


I think probably the only thing more enjoyable than working with David is actually getting to watch him perform on screen. In fact, one of the difficulties of working with David is that you get a bit lost sometimes in just admiring what he’s doing, and enjoying his performance so much.

But I think this year in particular, watching him perform in Des was extraordinary. I mean, I thought I knew how brilliant he was, but I think he sort of pushed the envelope further this year with that performance, I’ve never seen someone be able to portray absence as well as he did in that performance, it was chilling because of what was missing.

And it was just an extraordinary performance, and I think him at the height of what he’s able to do, the confidence to be able to just remove so much from a character and still know that’s it’s gonna be compelling, and it really was.

It’s not only one of the performances of the year but I think one of the great performances of the last, you know, decade. So, he’s certainly my favourite Scot on screen, he’s probably my favourite British actor on screen, and it is an honour to be able to know him and to work with him.