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Michael Sheen’s favourite song on hospital radio

Michael Sheen contributed to the My Favourite Song show on hospital radio, introducing Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles.

The show was made by The A to Z of Pop who produce content for hospital radio stations across the UK. They very kindly told us when and where the show was going to be aired and gave us permission to share a clip. Please consider making a donation to them on their website if you are able, as they are volunteer run.

We recorded the below clip when it aired on Northern Air Hospital Radio; please also consider donating to them as they are also volunteer run!

Hello, this is Michael Sheen, and I want to talk to you about one of my favourite songs, which is Here Comes The Sun, by The Beatles. As soon as you hear the first few notes, I think it puts a smile on your face and lifts your heart a little.

It’s a deceptively simple song, but I think it is a very powerful one. It’s the first song that my baby daughter Lyra really responded to, and made her laugh and dance and want to hear it again and again. So it’s got that going for it as well.

And I hope that for everyone who’s in hospital at the moment being treated and looked after, and for everyone who’s working in hospitals, this might be a reminder of how no matter how difficult the times are at the moment, there are sunnier, better days to come.

And thank you to everyone there in the hospitals all across Britain for the amazing work you’re doing. So here it is – Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles.