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SheenCon: HalloSheen

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HalloSheen was an online convention set up by Brittanee Gorman, which took place from October 30 to November 1 2020 on Zoom, Discord and Twitter.

Activities included Fanfic Round Robin, All About Sheen Jeopardy, Halloween Pictionary and Bingo games, a costume contest, PowerPoint party, quizzes and watch parties. On the Sunday evening there was a Halloween quiz, and as a surprise Michael joined the Zoom as quizmaster. He then stayed for a while afterwards to talk about what he’d been up to.

He discussed filming Prodigal Son under pandemic conditions, his efforts at growing his hair and beard as long as he could but then having it trimmed for filming, Staged 2, and the experience of performing in Faith Healer.

English transcript

By @Eden_n_Tunnels and @sheenyfest

Michael: Am I in the right place for the quiz?
Everyone: [freaks out]
Jillian: that’s such a nice red sweatshirt, Michael!
Michael: it is a lovely red sweatshirt, isn’t it! I’ve got an orange one as well so I might switch between them.
Everyone: [talks at once]
Michael: didn’t I say it was…What did I say it was? Blood orange or something…
Everyone: [discusses shades of red/orange]
Michael: I have about 50 of them all just varying shades of red and orange.
Everyone: [talks at once]
Michael: I missed the origami, did I? Darn it. And um, you’re watching something tonight, are you watching Apostle tonight? Braver than me, I wouldn’t…
Everyone: [talks about Apostle at once]
Jillian: Michael, my husband is saying hi to you again after six months!
Michael: hello! We must stop meeting like this!
Jillian’s husband: it has to be once every six months or I don’t think I can handle the excitement
Michael: well, nor me, frankly, nor me. We may have to extend it to seven months. Overheating. It’s lovely to see you.
Sheenyfest: do you like my red hoodie?
Michael: oh look! It’s like looking in a mirror! Look at that! Sheenyfest…
It’s like a… shall we try and… is there… any way you can do a side-by-side?
Everyone: [freaks out]
Britt: ok we can start.
Michael: ok how do we start this now
Britt: I’m gonna have to unmute you, one sec
Michael talks muted for a bit
Michael: am I unmuted now? Yeah so all these questions, apart from one or two, I came up with myself, and I will let you know which ones I didn’t come up with myself. I mean it is a Halloween quiz, but it’s sort of a pop-culture Halloween quiz, really. Um, do I have to press start?
Britt: no, I’ll do it.
Michael: alright, ok.
Britt: you just get to read.
Michael: ok, good. I get to do the fun bit. I can’t do any of the tech stuff. Britt’s gonna do that. Aha! Right.

[Q1] According to superstition, if you stare into a mirror at midnight on Halloween what will you see?
A: Your past self
B: Your future spouse
C: A haunted spirit
Or D: The Grim Reaper

You’ve got twelve seconds to answer, seven seconds to answer, last five seconds, come on now. This is a fairly simple, straight up one to start off with. It’s your…oooh interesting. So that’s what people have answered is it? 16.2 percent have said your past self. 8.1 percent your future spouse, fifty… over half a haunted spirit… But it was actually…[Anna says something off screen] Yeah, no they give away the answers, they tell you the answers…

[Q2] Which vampire has been played by Max Schreck, Willem Dafoe and Klaus Kinski?
A: Nosferatu
B: Dracula
C: Grandpa Munster
D: Count von Count

Do you know your vampires?
Here we go, it’s time for the answer and the answer is Nosferatu. Ooh most people picked Dracula, which I thought they might. That was it, that was the trick. But well done those who said Nosferatu. And if you haven’t seen it, do watch it. It’s very good. The original, I would say the original with Max Schreck.

[Q3] Which Halloween related entity was believed by British Sailors to bring a ship good luck and ensure a safe return home?
A: A siren
B: A ghost
C: A pumpkin
D: A black cat

…good luck and ensure a safe return home? I think you’re gonna get this, people are going to get this one.
Here you go, the answer’s coming up.
And it is a black cat! Oh yes overwhelming, half of you… only half? Interesting. Ok. Er, well done. A siren is what called sailors, wasn’t it. They have to be strapped to the mast, because of the siren song.

[Q4] Whose ghost returns to a feast to torment Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’?

Is it A: Banquo
B: Macduff
C: King Duncan
D: Lady Macbeth

And you know, I’ve done Shakespeare, you know. I’m a very serious actor. I have actually done Shakespeare. So I know the answer to this. Um. Because I’ve done Shakespeare.
Here we go. Here comes the answer… It’s Banquo! Banquo… well done. That was the most popular answer, well done. I’m glad to see that you are people of sophistication and taste. And serious fans. For a serious actor. Well done.

Uh, next question.
[Q5] What classic British children’s TV show – this is a tough one, but don’t worry Americans you’ll get your own back – What classic British children’s TV show included ghosts named Timothy Claypole and Madame Popov? This is a tough one, because it’s going back to when I was growing up, in the 1810s

So is it A: The Worst Witch
B: Scream Street
C: Rentaghost
D: Bob The Builder

Bob The Builder?? Britt, what were you thinking? Ooh look at that, there were two tied first answers and it’s Rentaghost. Well done, I didn’t think as many people would get that.

Britt: look someone’s picked Bob The Builder…so

Michael: haha yeah, I mean good on you for picking Bob the Builder, whoever did… that shows gumption.

Now, Americans.
[Q6] What was the name of the 90’s US TV show that was a children’s version of the horror series ‘Tales From The Crypt’?

A: Are you Afraid of the Dark?
B: R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour
C: The Crypt
D: Tales From The Cryptkeeper

Now, Tales From The Crypt began, I believe, as an EC Comics series. Then it was made into a horror TV series, on HBO I think, and then there was a children’s version, so what was the name of that. It was Tales From The Cryptkeeper! Ah, Are You Afraid Of The Dark was a frontrunner there but no I’m afraid not, Tales From The Cryptkeeper was the answer. I think there was a sort of Muppety type… not Muppety, that’s wrong. There was a sort of animated…puppety type thing. Anyway.

[Q7] From which country does the pumpkin originate? This is not one of my questions! I will let you know, this was suggested by somebody else. From which country does the pumpkin originate?

A: Mexico
B: Brazil
C: Egypt
D: Bulgaria

If you like this question, it was made up by me, if you don’t like this question, it was made up by someone else.

Rehza was on the toilet, I DON’T think we needed to know that, Rehza.

Ah, so it was Mexico! 47.4 percent said it… they got it right, well done everybody. Excellent question, Anna! Thank you very much for that.

Anna: the [?] questions are mine [I think this is what she said, I couldn’t make it out!]

[Q8] What name connects a series of 17th century ‘witch’ trials and Stephen King’s second published novel?

Is it A: Baba Yaga
B: Pendle
C: Salem
D: Christine

Very good. I didn’t come up with the alternatives, I just came up with the answer and question, so I’m enjoying these alternatives. Ok come on now, you should be able to get this one. Yessss, Salem, look at that, 78.9 percent, well done everybody. Christine was in fact the very first Stephen King book I ever read. Um, but yeah Salem’s Lot, that is a scary book. Ok.

[Q9] Which famous escapologist died on Halloween in 1926?

Was it A: John Nevil Maskelyne
B: Harry Houdini
C: Ronald Cunningham
Or D: The Davenport Brothers

Now, you might think ‘The Davenport Brothers’ wouldn’t constitute ‘a famous escapologist’, singular. You might think that, you might be right, you might be wrong. I’m not giving anything away. I’m just pointing that out. Before anyone else…does.

Ah, the answer is Harry Houdini, of course it is. I only know one escapologist, and it was Harry Houdini, and he died on Halloween. There’s the famous story that he got punched in the stomach, wasn’t it, and then he died of internal bleeding. But let’s not worry about that.

[Q10] Which Miyazaki-directed Japanese aniMATED film – aniMATED film? ANImated film, is about a young witch?

Is it A: Ponyo
B: My Neighbour Totoro
C: Princess Mononoke
D: Kiki’s Delivery Service

Now Miyazaki is, I’m a big fan of Miyazaki’s films, I’m sure lots of you are. Um, this particular film was my daughter’s favourite, um but they’re all marvellous, I’m sure you’ve all… yes! Kiki’s Delivery Service, 69.2 percent, wonderful, wonderful.
There was um, I think there was a big festival of Miyazaki here in New York – I’m in New York at the moment by the way – um, a while back, and I missed it. I would have loved to have gone to that.

[Q11] Right, which legendary Blues singer and guitarist was said to have sold his soul to the Devil at a crossroads?

A: B.B. King
B: Howlin’ Wolf. “Howlin’”, not howling, so, um…
C: Robert Johnson
D: Stevie Ray Vaughan

There is a great documentary about this person, um, is it in the Martin Scorcese collection? It’s Robert Johnson. Oh look at that, there was quite a spread of answers there. But it is Robert Johnson. Yes, do look into that story, amazing. Amazing story. Very creepy to listen to the music when you know the story, but amazing, brilliant.

[Q12] In the earlier spelling of Halloween, where is the apostrophe placed?

Is it A: between the two Es
Is it B: after the O and before the W
Is it C: after the last E and before the N
Or D: before the H

So now if you know, I suppose, where the word Halloween derives from, that will give you a clue. That will help.
The answer is between the two Es… hallo e e n… hallo…eeen
Uh because I believe it’s from the Scottish, I think it came from Scotland originally. Um and er, yeah All Hallows Eve.

[Q12] What is my favourite horror film? Now I have said this a couple of times in interviews and I think on Twitter as well.

Is it A: Pan’s Labyrinth
B: Psycho
C: Candyman
D: House

Um, I do, I love all those films I have to say, I do love them all. But there is one I love almost more than life itself. There are a couple of seconds left… here we go and the answer is… D, House. Japanese film from 1977. The director wrote it with his daughter, who I believe was like, 8 or 9 at the time, which is why it’s so mental as a film. Please if you’ve not watched it, do watch it. It’s about a house that eats all these young… ok.

[Q14] Born in 1875, which English occultist and ceremonial magician, who sometimes referred to himself as ‘The Great Beast’, inspired the name of a popular ‘Good Omens’ character?

Is it A: Gabriel Marcel
B: Aleister Crowley
C: Anathema Stevens
Or D: Isaac Newton

Oh, good alternatives, Britt! Well done.

And the answer is, B, Aleister Crowley. Ah oh well done 81 percent, very good. Ah, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin bought Aleister Crowley’s house. There is a few good biographies, and I am hoping to play him one day, I would like to do a film or something about Aleister Crowley. That would be interesting.

[Q15] In Edgar Allan Poe’s short story ‘The Murders In The Rue Morgue’ – who, or what, is found to have committed the brutal murders?

Is it A: An escaped orangutan
B: A raven
C: An angry horse
D: An injured black cat

Whoah. Now, I’m guessing that people might have read this, but you know. I mean If you haven’t read it, you’ve got no chance. Ha ha. The answer is an escaped orangutan. Now the detective in that short story is who Sherlock Holmes is based on, the inspiration for Sherlock Holmes, and it was I believe the first of the locked room mysteries, that every detective ends up solving, but that is the original one, so I would have a read of that.

[Q16] Which Beatles song supposedly inspired homicidal cult-leader Charles Manson’s murderous career?

Is it A: You Can’t Do That
B: Nowhere Man
C: Helter Skelter
D: Yellow Submarine

Oh. I believe Bono also refers to it, er, at the beginning er, of a version of it that U2 did… There it is Helter Skelter. Helter Skelter. Helter Skelter. 60.4 percent. Very good. Well done everyone who got that. Excellent yes. Bono said I think [does impersonation] “Charles Manson stole this song from The Beatles, we’re stealing it back” before they did their version of it.

[Q17] Right, variations of which supernatural creature have been played by the actors Benicio Del Toro, David Thewlis and Michael J Fox?

Is it A: A werewolf
B: A zombie
C: A mummy
D: A headless horseman

I watched one of those actors playing this supernatural creature but only yesterday. It was on the television. It is a werewolf, 80 percent, I was gonna include myself in there but I thought that would be too easy. Um, yes a werewolf, obviously Benicio Del Toro in Wolfman, David Thewlis in one of those, I dunno, what are they called, Harry Potter films, and Michael J Fox in Teen Wolf.

[Q18] Now. What was the subtitle name of the 3rd season of ‘American Horror Story’?

Is it A: Murder House
B: Freak Show
C: Coven
D: Asylum

I didn’t realise, I think there’s been nine seasons, that surprised me, I was amazed that there have been in fact nine seasons of American Horror Story. I would be hard pressed to name what order they were in and the names. Hence, this question! And the fiendish ingenuity of it. The answer is Coven. 40 percent got that right. Well done, well done everybody. Um, I haven’t watched all of them and one day I wanna sit down and watch them all. Very good but they do scare me. I’m not good with… that kind of thing.

[Q19] Who was made Prime Minister of Italy on Halloween in 1922?
Again, this is not one of my questions, this was suggested by somebody else.

A: Mario Monti
B: Benito Mussolini
C: Victor Emmanuel III
D: Pietro Badoglio

Very impressed, Britt, that you uh… [to Anna] thank you very much… that you, uh, you just know all these Italians!
Britt: I’ve done some research
Michael: Deep, deep research! The answer is Benito Mussolini. 80.9 percent. Possibly because he’s the only one you’ve heard of. If you’re anything like me. I’ve not heard of any of those others.
Very good! Well done. 80.9 percent. Excellent.

[Q20] What kind of ghosts feature in Disney’s Haunted House theme song at their theme parks?

A: Grim Grinning Ghosts
B: Spooky Scary Spirits
C: Creepy Crying Creatures
Or D: Freaky Frightening Phantoms

I’m trying very hard not to sing it right now. This was on a video that when my daughter was very little we used to play, of all the themes. It’s [sings] “grim grinning ghosts do do do do”
48 percent, well done everybody, excellent.
It does – it makes me very happy, that song, I love that. Grim grinning ghosts.

[Q21] Ok, next question. Which British singer asked for sympathy when he claimed to have “killed the Czar and his ministers”?

Is it A: Freddie Mercury
Is it B: Ozzy Osbourne [does impersonation!]
Is it C: Zavid Bowie [also does impersonation]
Or is it D: Mick Jagger [impersonation]

I didn’t do a Freddie Mercury, did I? The impersonations kicked in late there.
Um. Yes. Now. Zavid Bowie. Have you seen that trailer for the David Bowie film? Right, I er.
The answer is Mick Jagger, ooh, only 24 percent got that, yes from the song “Sympathy for the Devil”. Oooh Oooh! Oooh Oooh! Great song. [sings] “pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name”…

[Q22] What pen name has Stephen King used for – I believe it’s seven stories, not books, seven stories?

Is it A: Samuel Clemens
B: Mary Westmacott
C: Richard Bachman
D: Jonathan Oldstyle

Interesting. I have been to Maine, I’ve done the tour, the Stephen King tour, of Bangor in Maine, where he lives, there’s a little shop…
There we are, the answer is Richard Bachman, 44 percent, well done everybody.
Yes, and I went to his house, and I stood outside his house, his gate, which he has like spiders and webs and stuff on the gate, just all the time, and I took photographs of myself outside, hoping he would come out, but he didn’t.

[Q23] John Landis directed classic horror film ‘American Werewolf In London’, but which music video did he direct that went on to win a Grammy in 1983 for Best Video?

Is it A: Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”
B: AC/DC’s “Hells Bells”
C: Ray Parker Jr’s “Ghostbusters”
D: Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”

[Sings a bit of Superstition]
That’s not a clue, by the way, just can’t help singing it.
The answer is, [growls] Thriller. 87.5 percent, of course, everybody knows, well not everybody obviously, not 12.4 percent of you, who thought it was [sings the Ghostbusters theme].

[Q24] Ah, which town provided the main location for horror film ‘Apostle’?

Is it A: the aforementioned Bangor, Maine, US
Is it B: Swansea, Wales
Is it C: Port Talbot, Wales
Or is it D: Liverpool, England

Oooh. Of course, you haven’t watched it yet tonight, so for anyone who hasn’t watched it, they will now be informed by this when you watch it later.
The answer isssss, of course it’s Port Talbot, Wales, my hometowwwn!
Yes. Look at that, oh… that’s interesting. So yes, when you watch it later, it was filmed in a place called Margam Park, and they make it look like it’s an island. It’s not an island, but that’s a bit of cinema magic. But it is actually Margam Park where I grew up.

[Q25] Which composer is most associated with the films of Tim Burton?

Is it A: Danny Elfman
B: Hans Zimmer… Hans Zimmer [pronounces Hans properly]
Is it C: Randy Newman
Or D: Phil Collins

[Does an impression of the drum solo from In The Air Tonight] That was more Eastenders than it was Phil Collins. [Anna laughs]
Er, now. Oooo… Danny Elfman! Yes, is the correct answer, 64 percent of you, of course. Lovely.
Hans Zimmer did the music for Frost/Nixon, and he told me that he used to be in an 80s band, and he had toured and played in a club in Port Talbot.

[Q26] What was the title that Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman came up with for an hypothetical sequel to ‘Good Omens’?

Is it A: ‘William the Antichrist’
B: ‘Aziraphale and Crowley’s Big Adventure’
C: ‘668: The Neighbour Of The Beast’
D: ‘The Nice and Accurate Sequel to Good Omens, Book’

I have to say, all of those are excellent answers. Very good! But yes, and I’m quite pleased with my “an hypothetical sequel”.
It is, of course, 668: The Neighbour of the Beast, which just made me laugh so much when Neil told me that.
I might have sort of told… I always make Neil tell that story whenever we do interviews together.

[Q27] In the Harry Potter stories what is the name of the Slytherin house ghost?

Is it A: Nearly Headless Nick
B: The Grey Lady
C: The Bloody Baron
D: The Fat Friar

Now, you’ve got to know your houses, because I believe all of those are, in fact, house ghosts,
So you’ve got to know your exact houses. This is a tester! I wouldn’t have known this, to be honest. The answer is: The Bloody Baron. Is Nearly Headless Nick Gryffindor, maybe? The Grey Lady is Raven…claw? And the Fat Friar is… the other one.

[Q28] Which 2008 Swedish film featured a perpetually childlike vampire who befriends a young boy and was later remade into a 2010 US movie?

Is it A: Let The Right One In
Is it B: The Babadook… BABADOOK!
C: Insidious
D: The Conjuring

Now you’d think that this question was from the person who suggests questions. She didn’t. This was my question.
And the answer is Let The Right One In. Ahhh, such a good film.
The US remake, it was pretty good I think, but – I think that was called Let Me In, wasn’t it, but Let The Right One In, the original, aww, if you haven’t seen it, watch it. Although, clearly, lots of you have.

[Q29] Which Stanley Kubrick film have I dressed up as a character from for Halloween in the past?

Is it A: Full Metal Jacket
Is it B: The Shining
Is it C: 2001: A Space Odyssey
Or is it D: Clockwork Orange

Now, I’m here in New York, filming on Prodigal Son again. And on Friday, all the costume department came in costumes. They came in Halloween costumes. And one person, one of the costume department, was dressed as this character.
It is Clockwork Orange, yes! Wow, 62 percent, well done.
Alex, I played – I dressed up as Alex, the droog from Clockwork Orange, and they all dressed up as different things, and someone dressed up as one of those characters. Good fun. It’s the kind of fun we have on TV shows.

[Q30] Who is the main character in both of Neil Gaiman’s stories ‘The High Cost of Living’ and ‘The Time Of Your Life’?

Is it A: Morpheus
B: God
C: Death
D: Lucifer Morningstar

Excellent, excellent alternative answers, Britt.
I mean, each of those books begins with the name of the character. Obviously I didn’t say that because that would be a big clue wouldn’t it…
It is, in fact, Death, the wonderful gothic, young-gothic-woman-looking Death
Only 24 percent? Yeah, well, yes, a tough one, it is a tough one.

Oh, and that’s the end! It’s the end of the quiz!
Well look at that!
In first place, with 2960 points, is Crrrrrrrowley!
In second place, with 2798 points, it’s Spacebee!
And in third place, with 2776 points, it’s Bérengèèrrre!
Excellent, well done everyone. Close run thing, very good!
I believe there might be even some prizes! Are there, Britt, some prizes?

Britt: there are! Give me one second.
Michael: the prize is, you get to do 30 more questions!
And of course the surprise is, the person in 38th place gets the best prize.
Britt: very organized, don’t mind me
Michael:. 32… what about 32? No, you will be killed, unfortunately. Sorry, that was the booby prize. Whoever came 32nd can expect a knock on the door in about 10 minutes, from someone dressed as a sheep.

Britt: OK! So.
Michael: Sheep assassin.
Britt: Third place, they get this New York Comic Con exclusive Good Omens pin
Michael: ooohh! Nice
Britt: it’s very… messing with my background. There is that
Michael: I haven’t got one of those!
Britt: Second place is this Timeline… oh, it might throw off my background… maybe…
Michael: Oh my god, is that a Timeline…
Britt: Yeah!
Michael: action figure of me!
Britt: They… there only exists… they’re very cheap, and they’re in actually really good condition on Amazon
Michael: erm, I’m sorry, speak for yourself, Britt
Britt: [choked squeal] I know, you can’t really see it…
Michael: Look at that! Where did you find that?!
Britt: it’s on Amazon, like $13 for being from 2003, but nothing wrong with it
Michael: I’ve got a Lucian one of myself, and I’ve got…
Britt: so, first place…
Michael: I’ve got another one as well, can’t remember what the other one was, but I haven’t got…
Britt: so first place, this, which, you probably know, was not sold, for whatever reason, so there’s not a few of them, there’s not a whole lot of them ‘cause they weren’t mass-produced, but…
Michael: aaahh, yess! Wow, how did you manage to find that?!
Britt: so, our friend Courtney has found these and has bought several of them and gave one to us to give away.
Michael: how fantastic. D’you know, Jason Sedakis collects pinball machines, and he has the Tron pinball machine which I’m on, and he said to me one day: I spend a lot of my time trying to get a metal ball to smack you in the head every day, which I thought was quite offensive.

I’m also gonna let you into a secret that this, this is the, within our family, the famous red mug. I’m drinking tea out of a red mug. It’s famous because I spontaneously made up a song, for Lyra, which is: “Daddy’s got a red mug, a red mug, a red mug, Daddy’s got a red mug, WHAT’S IN IT!” And the answer is invariably coffee, but it’s actually tea at the moment. And so that’s my little gift to you all, is the red mug song.
Britt: they’re fighting over what colour it is, so…
Michael: those are excellent prizes, Britt, the Tron one particularly. Was that the first prize, the Tron one?
Britt: yeah
Michael: yes, of course it was, [whispers] of course it was.
Britt: yes
Michael: Very good! Well, I enjoyed that! I hope everybody else did. I thoroughly enjoy doing quizzes, and more so being the [growls] QUIZMASTER! So that, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you very much everyone for taking part, thank you Britt for organizing it.

Like I said, I’m in New York; and it’s a very rainy, cold day in New York.
But I’m here doing Prodigal Son for a little while,
Yes, I think it is rainy everywhere, pretty much, it’s certainly rainy back in Britain, I know that.
To everyone who’s gone into lockdown back in Britain, my thoughts are with you. Hold in there, we’ll get through this together.
I was sort of surprised, actually, in New York, that it’s as busy as it is. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to be walking into.

‘Cause we finished the first series of Prodigal Son just before Britain went into lockdown, and so things have changed very much, obviously, in between. So, um. Yes, so I was not quite sure what it would be like, but it’s busier than I thought, which is good! There are a few places that seem shut down, which is sad, but…
And on the set, on the film set, we’re, it’s all ver-, like, we get tested practically every day and have to wear masks all the time. It’s very odd doing rehearsals with masks on: you can’t see what people are saying, that’s a bit weird. But it’s good, safe, but a strange new normal to be filming. It is kind of quite peculiar, really, because – and Britt! Tell me to shut up if you need to move on to something else… I’ll just ramble otherwise…
Britt: no you’ve got all the time in the world!

Michael : and yes, oh, yes, if anyone’s noticed, I had my hair cut and my beard neatened up, on Friday, yeah, it was a sad moment, I have to say – not for everybody, Anna was very pleased –
But I have to say I felt a little sad, having grown it to monumental proportions, particularly the beard. My hair was ridiculously long! If my hair wasn’t curly, before they cut it they wet it, you know, and it was like halfway down my back, it was extraordinary.
So it was a lovely excuse to be able to just grow a very large beard and long hair, but ultimately – little spoiler, not a spoiler, little tidbit – but I did get to use that look for a little bit of filming before I had it all cut off, so that was good.

Series two of Staged, you will see the full glory of the growth, when that comes out.
In fact, I think that’s gonna be very… I hope everyone’s watched the first series of Staged now, if everyone can. It’s on Hulu now I think, isn’t it, in America, which is good, yes and I’m sorry it took so long to get there, nothing to do with me, that was just…
Britt: yes, sure, that’s where we watched it.
M. …annoying for everybody not to be able to watch that, but the second series I think is gonna be very funny. A LOT of surprise guests in the second series, A LOT. Yes, I so want to, like, give things away, but I’m not going to. But that’s very funny.
And yeah, it was sort of, quite an extraordinary period really, over the last period of time, I feel very, very fortunate that I worked so much. I ended up doing a lot of things.

Aside from two series of a TV show that I filmed from my kitchen, there was also like early on in lockdown, the show Quiz came out in Britain, then it came out in America, so there was that,
And then I did the play, that was a very odd experience; to do a play in a theatre, to an empty auditorium, and being filmed live. That was extraordinary. In some ways it was the worst of both worlds: you get to do a play, but there’s no audience, and you get to film, but you don’t get to do a second take. So I was terrified. But it was an amazing experience that, I loved doing that play, and for anyone who watched it, thank you very much.
I think I hear whispers that there may be an opportunity to see it again. I mean obviously the original performances were live, so we’re not doing it live again, but I think there might be something in the works for anyone who didn’t watch it.

Yeah, and then Prodigal Son came out on TV in Britain, during lockdown as well,
So when we were in lockdown I would just go to the supermarket once a week to do the shop for us and then every other week for my mum and dad as well. And when I was in the supermarket, people come up to me in the supermarket in Wales, and say [in a strong Welsh accent] “oh, I’m enjoying that Prodigal Son, oh it’s very good”. So there were lots of people suddenly coming up to me and I’d be like “whoa, back off”, I would get very paranoid in the supermarket about people coming up. Which is very nice, but people tend to forget things when they see people they’ve seen on the telly, and they do odd things. So I was quite forcefully saying please, keep your distance! So I’m sorry to anyone I did that to, but you know, you’ve got to be careful out there.

But yes, lots of people watching Prodigal Son in Britain, that’s good, and yeah, very excited to be doing the new series of it.
There are other things as well, that will be revealed as time goes on, of which I cannot speak. But yes, lots of exciting stuff coming up.

So I hope you all thoroughly enjoy the rest of the events, and thank you again to everyone who organised this, fantastic, brilliant thing to be doing, thank you for all that you’re doing and raising money for stuff, it’s great.
Lots of love to you all, and see you again soon, I hope.
All right, take care everybody, and lots of love. Bye bye.