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SheenCon 2020 Zoom meet-up

The first SheenCon took place from 24-26 April 2020 on Zoom, Discord and Twitter.

Activities included fan art displays, watch parties, karaoke, Cards Against Humanity, cosplay and trivia. On the Saturday, Michael joined the fandom Zoom meet-up as a surprise, and answered questions from attendees.

He discusses fan art, musicals and wanting to play Frank-N-Furter, horse riding in The Four Feathers, Shakespeare, all of his acting injuries, compost, getting immersed in playing Kenneth Williams and finding it hard to stop being him, preferring being characters than being himself, wigs and prosthetics and Quiz, tattoos, his flying monkey outfit, wanting to live in his Max outfit, wearing an earring, David Essex, and talking a lot to David Tennant.