Michael Sheen on Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast

Michael Sheen finally appears on the RHLSTP podcast, after almost appearing once before but becoming ill. He was replaced at the last minute by Nish Kumar.

The discussion includes meeting Laurie Anderson and David Lynch, War of the Worlds, meeting Jeff Wayne and crying, “David Tennant is the Scottish you”,  both him and his Dad seeing UFOs in Port Talbot, 30 Rock, Passengers, playing real people, Brian Clough, Peter Morgan, being a robot, quiz shows, League of Gentlemen, Midnight in Paris / Goodnight Sweetheart, Back to the Future, Tron, coming home to Port Talbot and non-acting work, The Passion, Good Omens. In podcast form and also filmed.

Fun fact: if you’re wondering why Richard calls Michael “Michael Fheen” it’s because Michael is “The Voice Of The Stones” in the podcast Stone Clearing With Richard Herring. Richard has an interest in the Venerable Bede’s work and how they didn’t have the letter S when it was written, they only had Fs… I advise listening to it, it’s inexplicably brilliant.