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Pobol Y Cwm clips

Michael Sheen appeared on Welsh-language soap Pobol Y Cwm in June 2019.

All of Michael’s scenes:

Doctor: Kelly? Kelly?
Kelly: Ed? What’s going on, Ed?
D: It’s ok, it’s ok, everything’s ok, you’re safe. There has been a bit of bleeding, alright, so we need to make sure the baby’s ok.
K: He’s dead, isn’t he? He’s dead. Ed.. Ed, he…
D: I’m very sorry for your loss. Let’s get you looked at shall we? I’m just going to go and find a porter.

D: Well, perfectly healthy. Apart from that sprained ankle of yours. So try not to put too much weight on it for a few days, alright. Listen, erm, the police are outside and they want to ask you some questions.
K: I can’t. Please not yet. I don’t want to speak to anyone at the moment.
D: Do you mind if I sit by here with you for a few minutes? Been on lates for three nights in a row now, and to be honest with you I could with a break from the woman who insists on calling me Big Daddy. Don’t ask. We get all sorts in here. Every day is, erm… interesting. So what about you, what do you do?
K: Nothing exciting.
D: Oh I’m sure that’s not true.
K: Not like you, anyway. Big super hero saving people’s lives. The perfect man.
D: My wife would probably disagree with you on that one! Come on. Tell me about this job of yours. Oh, come on, tell me, please.
K: I own a cafe. In Cwmderi. Caffi Meic.
D: Oh I know the one!
K: Really?
D: Yeah!
K: There’s this… there’s this bloke that comes in every day. Dai, his name is. He owns a building company. He’s always complaining about the half-portions that I apparently give him. So this one day, I could see him coming from across the street and I thought here we go now, I’ll ‘ave him!

K: Really?
D: Honestly, I was out cold! For about seven minutes! The baby had come out by the time I woke up!
K: Is it like this every day?
D: What, a complete disaster?
K: Yeah!
D: I have my good days and bad days. You know, there was a girl in the bed across from you. 30 weeks gone. She didn’t have anyone. No friends, no family. Nobody called up to see how she was doing. She barely spoke. I found out later that she’d been living on the street. I had no idea what happened to her.
K: That’s awful.
D: But then, she came back in a few days ago with the baby. She told me she’d got a part-time job and that she and the baby were doing well.
K: Ah.
D: So that was a good day.
K: I couldn’t save him. Ed. I couldn’t… I couldn’t save him.
D: We can’t save them all. We can only do what we can. And you need to look after yourself now. And that little baby of yours.
Other doctor: can I have a word please?
D: Yeah. Excuse me. The police are adamant that they need to speak to you now, and I don’t think we can hold off Auntie Anita any longer either! So once you’ve spoken with them, you’re free to go home, ok? Don’t worry. It’s going to be alright.
Anita: Oh Kelly love, what happened to you darling? I’ve been worried sick about you. I didn’t know where you were or anything.
Police officer: Mrs Charles, I’m sorry but I have to ask you a few questions.
K: What do you want to know?