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KidsKoolIt at the Good Omens premiere

Cute interview with Michael Sheen and David Tennant by kid reviewers at the Good Omens premiere.

Michael: I would like to be a angel, more than anything else, because you get to have lovely blonde curly hair, and I quite enjoyed that, and I get to live in a bookshop, and books are my favourite thing probably, so I got to live in a bookshop, so that was my, I would like to be the angel.
David: I would probably like to be the demon, as long as I get to be the kind of demon I am in the show, who’s not really that bad a demon, who’s actually rather sweet and is actually quite nice to people, but he gets to pretend he’s naughtier than he really is.
M: what would you like to be? would you prefer to the the angel or the demon?
Interviewer: A mix
M: A mix!
D: A mix!
M: There you go, see that was the answer, that was the answer!
D: Why did we not…that’s the perfect answer! There was a correct answer! And we both messed it up.
M: Yep, yep.
D: Well done.
M: That’s why you’re doing the interviewing!
D: That’s why you’re the journalist!

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