There’s Something About Movies (TSAM) (2019 -) series 1

Michael Sheen is a team captain for this comedy panel show about movies, which is shown on Sky One and Now TV in the UK. Series 1 began on 2 May 2019.

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Four Weddings and a Funeral remake with Tom Allen:

Michael Sheen on crying during acting:

Michael: so there’s two hard…difficult things about crying, one is trying to cry in the first place, I find that very difficult.
The second one though is, once you start, is stopping! And whenever I’ve done it, I’m like…SNOT, everywhere… and you know it’s, it’s fifty years of trauma in there, that starts to come out! You don’t mess with that!

The Scream remake (with Katherine Ryan):

Alan: lights, camera, action!
Michael: hello… who is this?
Katherine: this is TVs Katherine Ryan
M: what number is this?
K: 3. You are the third gentleman caller I have banged this evening
M: so you got a boyfriend?
K: oh why, because the only way you wouldn’t flirt with me is if I was already another man’s property?
M: I told you not to hang up on me
M: no, you listen!
M: if you hang up on me again I’ll gut you like a fish! Understand?
K: I mean yeah, I don’t know why I keep answering the phone, that is on me
M: can you handle that blondie?
K: what, being gutted like a fish? No, probably not
M: can you see me?
K: no, they haven’t invented FaceTime
M: can you see me?
K: no, I cannot see you…am I getting warmer
K: [Screams… scream tails off] I mean actually it’s not that bad, I’ve dated worse, come in!
A: that was amazing!

Michael Sheen can do impressions:

The Graduate remake – Mrs Robinson (with Rob Beckett):

Mrs Robinson: may I ask you a question?
Benjamin: fire away, bruv. Sorry, sorry, madam. Madam.
MrsR: what do you think of me?
B: erm. I’d say, a solid 4 out of 10, but with a few Stellas and a shave, 8 or 9. But to be clear, you’d be having the shave and I’d be having the Stella.
MrsR: you’ve known me nearly all of your life. You must have formed some opinion?
B: erm, loved you as Brian Clough… Tony Blair’s alright but Cloughie…
MrsR: did you know I was an alcholic?
B: erm, no I’ve just thought you was thirsty.
MrsR: sit down, Benjamin.
B: certainly, er, Mrs Robinson
MrsR: my husband will be back quite late. He should be gone for several hours…
B: to be fair we’ll only need several seconds…
MrsR: what’s wrong?
B: nothing, it just takes that long, I’ve been to the doctors, and perfectly normal I’m just a quick cummer! What you gonna do
MrsR: like, like what?
B: like Amazon Prime. You think you want it, before you know it you’ve got it!
MrsR: well, I don’t know
B: neither do I at the moment, mate.
MrsR: so?
B: er, Mrs Robinson, are you trying to seduce me? I’m strangely keen.

When Harry Met Sally orgasm scene remake, Alan Carr’s turn:

When Harry Met Sally orgasm scene remake, Michael Sheen’s turn:

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Michael Sheen plays Darth Vader in the Star Wars remake with Micky Flanagan:

Daniel Craig looks like a beige knapsack full of tennis balls:

Posh Spice tried to get Michael Sheen arrested:

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