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David Tennant does a podcast with… Michael Sheen

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In this podcast David Tennant and Michael Sheen talk about EVERYTHING. Including: their common hatred of photoshoots, character actors, not liking yourself very much, being vulnerable, Fiona Shaw telling Michael to not enjoy himself too much, Oedipus and his breakdown at RADA.

Also stage fright, The Government Inspector, being 50, Peer Gynt, coming back home, Port Talbot, The Passion, becoming involved in his community and creating change, being criticised, wanting to be an actor in Port Talbot, being a good footballer as a kid and being scouted for the Arsenal Youth Team, playing Tom of Warwick in Camelot at 12, Meyrick Sheen being a Jack Nicholson lookalike, playing real people, Brian Clough gaining confidence in doing voices when reading to his daughter, Tony Blair, Stephen Frears, Peter Morgan, Neil Gaiman, Good Omens and “These Fragments I Have Shored Against My Ruins”.

An automated English transcription of the podcast is available here

There is also an extra clip from Michael’s episode in the final podcast of series 1: