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Wales: A Zombie Nation?

Michael Sheen was featured in an in-depth article for and also appeared on the cover of the Spring 2018 issue of Planet Magazine – The Welsh Internationalist. Michael was interviewed by Rachel Trezise on Welsh identity, what drew him to activism, the appeal of the Right in post-industrial, impoverished communities and the importance of local journalism.

The article discusses The Passion of Port Talbot, as well as The Green River Killer, a true-crime screenplay on the eponymous serial killer that Michael wrote and was slated to produce and direct several years ago.

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“His genuine devotion to the subject of Wales’ future begs the questions, why does he bother? Why does he care so much about Wales? He repeats what he said the previous night. ‘I have a little bit of celebrity, a little bit of a media platform, a little bit of money. I can get people in a room. I can be effective in that way.’ But why? Why do you care? He thinks about this for a moment. ‘I can’t get my head round someone who doesn’t care about where they come from,’ he says. OK then, why do you bother? There are people who have what you have, the celebrity and the money and couldn’t give a shit about what’s really happening in the place they come from. Why do you care? ‘Oh,’ he says. ‘I see what you mean now. Well, I’ve had this opportunity. The opportunity to work with all the community groups who participated in The Passion, and it all sprung from there. We kept the conversations going and I’ve got more and more involved as time has gone on.”

Photoshoot at Aberavon Beach by Jon Pountney: