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Cinemaniacs episodes and clips (2015)

Cinemaniacs was an educational programme for children about film and film-making that aired on CBBC in 2015. Michael Sheen appeared on the programme and was associate producer. Actor Ian McKellen and Director Ron Howard also appeared on the show, alongside many other actors and celebrities. The show was produced by non-profit Into Film, and was written and directed by Julian Kemp, a friend of Michael’s who he also worked with on the film Last Train to Christmas.

Each show featured Michael taking part in various actorly challenges as “Michael Sheen Super Actor”. There were two series, the first with eight half hour episodes, the second, retitled CineMinis, had ten fifteen minute episodes. The numbering on the clips below may be wrong. These are all the clips we currently have.

Cinemaniacs S01E01 – The Monkey Suit Challenge

Cineminis: A Cinemaniacs Short S01E08 – Make ‘Em Laugh Challenge

Cineminis: A Cinemaniacs Short S01E09 – Hit Your Mark Challenge (on Aberavon beach!)

Behind the scenes with Michael Sheen – questions and answers (unsure which episode this is from)

Movie Star Michael Sheen Pranks his parents – The Fooling Mum and Dad Challenge (unsure which episode this is from)

Michael Sheen takes on The Green Screen Challenge (S2E10)

The Audition Challenge (S02E05)

The Accent Challenge (S02E06)