Michael Sheen on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson

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Michael Sheen appeared on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson 14 times between 2006 and 2014 during its run on CBS. Most of these shows are on YouTube, but we’re missing two, S03E24: 12 October 2006 and S06E57: 3 December 2009. Please contact me on Twitter if you can help with these!

Below are the shows in date order, oldest first. Note that I referred to IMDB to get the episode number and date for each video, and it might not match what the video description says. Also the date format is DD-MM-YY.

S05E96 (30-01-2009)

Promoting Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans. Frost/Nixon is mentioned and they have a “Frost off”. They discuss Comic Con, liking Sci Fi, and Neil Gaiman.

S06E21 (05-10-2009)

Promoting The Damned United. They discuss Michael’s bowels, how he was going to be a soccer player, the scene where he got the goal first time, the Welsh language, Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, and trying to make football (soccer) work on American TV.

S06E54 (30-11-2009)

Promoting The Twilight Saga: New Moon. They discuss Michael’s ability to grow hair at will, Wales, singing next to Tom Jones, Shakin’ Stevens, the story of his old fencing teacher Henry Marshall and Wompy the dog, and his friend’s French Mime teacher.

S06E111 (03-03-2010)

Promoting Alice In Wonderland, and he’s in most of this show. This is a particularly bonkers one. They discuss smoking bananas, Roy Orbison in Clingfilm, the chicken and egg conundrum, wanting to start up a theatre company in an old cinema, the Michelle Pfeiffer fact, and sock cleavage. Amy Ryan calls Michael “the real deal”. This one is the source of the “do it” gif.

S06E162 (27-05-2010)

Promoting The Special Relationship. Michael wants to be Craig’s sidekick. They discuss British swear words, fannies, Biscuit and Crumb, Fantabulosa, Dirty Filthy Love and Michael’s penis appearing in both, Kenneth Williams, Benny Hill, and wandering around in the desert in black leather. (The video is actually working despite how it looks)

S07E58 (29-11-2010)

Promoting Tron: Legacy. They discuss Michael seeing the first Tron film at 12, David Bowie, The Playboy Mansion, the age-changing technology in Tron, the story about his friend doing pull ups on his door frame, Secretariat! (dancing pantomime horse), Craig says he’s not gay but he’d do Michael. Terrible harmonica playing. Eiffel Towel filth.

S08E208 (18-04-2012)

Promoting Jesus Henry Christ. They discuss skinny ties, watching trash TV, Michael’s Jim Morrison phase, accents, dancing, snagging fetish, beards and moustaches, and mingling in the lobby.

S08E337 (02-11-2012)

Promoting The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. They discuss Michael’s brothel creepers, Billy Whizz, his moustache, his shoulder surgery for injuries he got playing Hamlet, anoscopes, and having a slightly damp right hip.

S10E67 (13-12-2013)

Promoting Masters of Sex. They discuss the Golden Globe nominations, having to get into shape during season 1, shoulder surgery, FONCY FONCY, accents, his father’s posh accent, what his mum said about MoS, having never done a normal sex scene, his sex scene with Stephen Fry in Wilde (#SheenBot), and an offensive story.

S10E189 (09-07-2014)

Promoting Masters of Sex. They discuss how craft services affect staying in shape for his nude scenes, David Bowie, shaving his eyebrows for Tron, having a really flat head at the back, wearing a top hat at drama school, the BBC Radio 2 eighties music shows he did, Gary Numan, David Lynch, his leather-look trousers, poutine, speaking “French”, the Burgermaster story, cartoons, and Poitín.

S11E65 (09-12-2014)

Seemingly not promoting anything except maybe Medieval Times… They discuss beards, Movember (Mauvember), Rothko, Taylor Swift, doing acid, Medieval Times being THE BEST THING EVER, and taking the cast and crew from Masters of Sex to Pirate Adventure as a wrap gift.

S11E73 (19-12-2014)

The final show, featuring Michael in the opening section playing conga drums.