John Harlow in conversation with Michael Sheen

Michael Sheen was interviewed by John Harlow for The Times at an event in LA in 2014.

Topics discussed in this wide-ranging interview include:

  • Richard Burton
  • The support Michael has had for becoming an actor in his home town of Port Talbot
  • Godfrey Evans, who created the local youth theatre that Michael was a part of
  • Nearly becoming a footballer with Arsenal Youth Team
  • Studying at RADA and his first play with Vanessa Redgrave
  • Working with writer Peter Morgan and director Stephen Frears
  • Playing real people like Tony Blair, Brian Clough and David Frost
  • How working on Twilight and Underworld is the same as something like Hamlet in terms of stories that connect with people
  • How his Hamlet was inspired by Phillip K Dick
  • What made him want to be an actor
  • Wanting to do Rocky Horror
  • The amazing and emotional story of The Passion of Port Talbot
  • Filming the second series of Masters of Sex
  • Writing a film