The Gospel of Us (2012)

This is the film of the play The Passion of Port Talbot, which happened over the Easter weekend in 2011, and in which Michael Sheen played The Teacher. It was directed by Dave McKean with a screenplay by Owen Sheers, who wrote the original play and then a novel based on it.


‘The Jesus figure represents the community’ (12-04-2012)

Michael Sheen speaks to the Guardian about The Gospel of Us, which is the film of the play The Passion of Port Talbot. He talks about how the ways in which the event was documented and recorded formed gospels of what happened, and about how the filming itself affected the play and his experience of it.

He also discusses the resonance of the original story of the passion for him and what it means about community; in this story the Teacher character didn’t come with a message for people, but rather he came to listen to what they had to say.

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