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The Teacher’s Story – The Passion of Port Talbot

During the 72 hour performance of Michael Sheen’s play The Passion of Port Talbot, a video appeared online showing what happened to The Teacher before the events of the play.

Michael gives more information about the video in this Twitter thread:

“… There was a guy who managed to work out an online mystery to do with the town ‘Resistance’ who got to be inside the social club for this. It only had room for about 100 I think. The thousands of others were out in the car park watching it all on a screen.)

He was told someone would make contact at some point in there and secretly give him something he had to smuggle out and give to the rest of the Resistance. He was so nervous going in I was told. Anyway our bartender played by the brilliant Jordan Bernarde passed him an envelope..

It said “Get this to my daughter” on it. He immediately and secretly left and was met by some Resistance members who he gave the envelope to. Inside was a memory stick. There were instructions to upload whatever was on it at a particular time and make it public.

The next evening – Sunday, the final day of the performance – culminated with my character being crucified on the roundabout down by the beach. As the cross lifted me up and came to rest to the sound of my screams the contents of the memory stick went ‘live’ online.

This is what was on it.”

You can also see an snapshot of a post about this from the website