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Michael Sheen on playing Tony Blair

Michael Sheen was interviewed for the Times about his film The Special Relationship. He discusses meeting Tony Blair, how his taste is more for sci-fi than than drama, moving to LA to be with his daughter Lily, working on The Passion of Port Talbot, not knowing what to do with his brain while playing football, and how seeing a performance of The Crucible changed his life.

“He was very relaxed. If a politician was designed by Ralph Lauren, it would be him. Denim shirt, laid-back, charming, a bit rugged. He seemed very … happy. He knew about The Special Relationship; he said, ‘You’re doing a film about me and Bill. I hope you’re not going to make it look as though Bill had all the fun.’ It was an intriguing thing to say, but I didn’t follow it up.”

Amy Raphael – Michael Sheen on playing Tony Blair (18-10-2010)