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Lost in France – episode 8

Michael Sheen played Owen in this 12 part comedy series about a group of people travelling around France in a camper van, going to all of the England football matches at the 1998 men’s World Cup in France. 

For a long time we thought that there were no copies of this show in existence, with only five minutes of clips available. However, Sheendexer @achtungchio found a blog where a VHS collector talks about going through their old collection of tapes, one of which had a single episode of Lost in France on it. We asked them if they would share it for us and they very kindly put it on YouTube. So thank you very much to both Chío and!

The series began on 23 June 1998 and was aired over a three week period, so assuming it was aired weeknights we think this is episode 8! Content warning: vomiting.